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The Mystery Behind The Life and Death of Hector Camacho Explored In New Showtime Documentary

Hector “Macho” Camacho, was one of the biggest stars in boxing and came from one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City. Showtime’s latest documentary explored his life and death.

Not only was he facing powerful opponents in the ring but outside of the ring, his inner demons were just as tough, if not tougher. Ironically enough, that’s a word you’ll hear repeated a lot in the documentary and it’s actually very soothing to hear that we’re accepting of having inner demons. A bit of an oxymoron but as you watch, you’ll get my angle.

His record is something that always impresses me when I’m on BoxRec. He kept a perfect record from 1980-1991, till he faced Greg Haugen.

Camacho’s start in boxing is no different from many of our favorite boxers – he knew this is where he wanted to be in life and made sure to tell everyone about it. His family and his wife were interviewed various times, as well as his coaching staff, during the course of the documentary. Some shared some stories of how he got away with a kilo of cocaine while others shared stories of how they “put up with him” because they didn’t know how to deal with his addiction.

Once he entered the ring, he was a different person and even when facing tough opponents such as Julio Cesar Chavez, he made adjustments and realized that he had to put them up. He would lose that fight but it went the full 12-rounds. The Puerto Rican boxer had turned into a villain because people were just dying to see him get knocked out. But still – he persevered.

Director Eric Drath captured every moment of his life that needed to be seen. One thing I loved is how the editing was done in a way that it fit with the topic that they were discussing. It’s almost as if Macho was there, chiming in on what had occurred. It was brilliantly done.

The end of it was sad, as Camacho was asked, “Do you think they’ll ever do a movie about you?” His response was, “They better!”

There will never be another boxer who will be as colorful in the ring as he was. As a matter of fact, he paved the way for all these costumes and theatrical entrances to be introduced to boxing. It’s something no one saw before and it was a part of his natural image. It was never faked.

As the documentary continues, you’ll see how drugs slowly took over his life. He had an opportunity to face Roy Jones Jr. and that would’ve been a hefty payday. However, in the middle of his training, he said he couldn’t do it anymore and just wanted to get high. “I’m a champion, but I’m a junkie first.”

It’s been eight years since his murder and no arrests have been made yet in Puerto Rico. There are some moments where you might shed a tear so, you’ve been warned.

If you’re looking for something to watch, this documentary is available on Showtime.

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