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Figure Skating Coach Joel Savary Shares Disparities In Sport In New Book, “Why Black and Brown Kids Don’t Ice Skate” (Video)

When I was first gifted this terrific book, Why Black and Brown Kids Don’t Ice Skate, the cover captivated me and I was immediately drawn to it. Former figure skater turned coach Joel Savary wrote this impactful book and you should too.

Imagine being a young kid, chasing your dreams, not knowing where it’s going to end up at, and you don’t see anyone who resembles you? That’s how Joel Savary felt and since then, he hasn’t stopped working to fix the race issue within US Figure Skating.

The book takes us through a journey of how he was drawn to sport and with the support of his parents, he was able to achieve his dream. But, as a young man, he was very much aware of his skin color and how others looked at him when they saw him approaching the rink.

He knew early on that his purpose would go beyond ice skating and how he can impact the sport in a bigger way. Savary started the Diversify Ice Foundation and is also working with US Figure Skating to bring change to the sport.

In the wake of the George Floyd protests, and much like many other companies, US Figure Skating posted a generic graphic and many flocked to comment as they too were holding USFS accountable. This is something we also spoke about in our interview.

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We stand united.

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The topics you’ll find in the book range from how expensive it is to involved in this sport, to how judges disapprove of culture moments such a music selections, and how the sport has even gone backwards in bringing more minorities to the sport. In other words, Savary has been taking notes and is not holding back because these things need to be put out there.

Check out our interview with Joel Savary below as I walked away with so much knowledge and was in pure awe of his dedication to bringing change.

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