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Reporter and Analyst Monica McNutt Talks About Her Start In Sports Broadcasting

She dominated the courts while at Georgetown and now, her talents continue to shine in broadcasting. Monica McNutt has been buzzing for some time now and she sat down with Quick Out The Blocks to share her wonderful journey.

Her story isn’t done – it’s only beginning and the amount on inspiration she has on many of us in the industry is beautiful. People often ask those that are in the field or work in sports, “How did you get started?” That’s not necessarily an easy question to answer and sometimes, people are looking for a direct answer without realizing all the hard work it takes to get there. We’re not going to give you a blueprint or a how-to.

Even for this sports journalist, I was extremely inspired by her words, as you’ll see in the interview below. I was taking several notes and plotting on how to apply them to my career.

Her latest venture is Onyx: Celebrating Black Women in Sports, which will be on Goodsport’s media platforms. That “shut up and dribble” mentality is forever gone and it’s time to break down these walls. We can’t wait to see what discussions will come about.

In addition to her on-air work, she also has a dope podcast by the name of Buckets, Boards and Blocks.

Without further adieu, check out our interview with McNutt as we’re eager to see all her accomplishments. We’ll be patiently waiting.

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