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Rising Boxing Star Reshat Mati Talks About His Journey Inside and Outside The Ring

Reshat Mati’s professional boxing career is about 2 years old and when COVID-19 hit, he was lucky enough to fight on March 7, 2020 and make it back home before quarantine happened. In an exclusive interview, Mati spoke to us about his journey and how he’s kept his focus despite it all.

Once labeled a child prodigy, Mati is on a quest to conquer the boxing world and we’re here for it. The New York native has a great head on his shoulders and with the support of his family and coaching staff, he’s on his way to reach his goals.

His latest bout just happen to occur right before COVID-19 (March 7,2020) affected the United States, specifically the New York state area and surrounding states. As you can imagine, with all the boxing gyms closed, he’s figured out how to stay in shape and active as he’s expecting a call from Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn any day now.

Mati is just about a couple of months from turning 22 and he still has a long way to go in his boxing career. We can’t wait to see his accomplishments and growth. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by his story. He doesn’t want things given to him – he wants to earn them.

Take a look at our exclusive interview with The Albanian Bear himself.

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