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Washington Football Team Retires “Redskins” Name and Logo

After decades of criticism, Washington’s NFL team announced on Monday that they are officially retiring the “Redskins” name and logo immediately. As the nation continues to reel from the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others; what has been considered by many as the most offensive name in professional sports is gone. There is no current timetable for when the team will choose new name.

Pressure from sponsors FedEx, Nike, Pepsi and Bank of America prompted the team to conduct a “thorough investigation” into the name that the team has used since 1933. After NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was flooded with letters from Native Americans leaders and advocates demanding an end to the use of what has been called a “dictionary-defined racial slur”.

The racial climate of the United States contributed heavily to the change. Long oppressed minorities are taking a stand and their fight is not lost on big-name sponsors such as FedEx who owns the stadium Washington plays in or Nike who scrubbed the site of Redskins apparel ahead of the investigation.

Snyder is working with head coach Ron Rivera on a new name and logo.

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