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Netflix’s Latest “Mucho Mucho Amor” on Walter Mercado Delivers Nostalgia

After a long day, your parents would put on Univision to watch the 5 pm news. You already know what show it was, Primer Impacto. When it would get closer to 5:30 pm, you began to lower your voice.

It is now around 5:40 pm. You were told to shut up because you know his segment was coming up and I dare you to interrupt your mom’s sign.

We’re talking about none other than the infamous Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado who would deliver the horoscopes, in the most dramatic of fashions. I remember growing up wondering why I was told to shush and now as an adult, I have apps like CoStar, Pattern, and a random daily horoscope app. Clearly it had an influence on me.

The zodiac signs are something that Latinos take very serious and Mercado captivated us with it. He easily reeled us in.

But what happened when Walter Mercado shut us out of his world? That’s the biggest mystery of them all because from one day to the next, Primer Impacto did a revamp and Mercado was no where to be found. All we know is that his contract with Univision came to an end in January 2010. This Netflix documentary unveiled things we had no clue about.

Mucho Mucho Amor began exactly how you imagined and I was shocked to realize how familiar his voice is to me, as well as how much I missed hearing it. His phenomenon is truly missed because as they said in the documentary, “He is such a positive force.”

As we shared earlier, he disappeared out of no where and of course everyone had their theories. It had a lot to do with the lawsuit over his name.

The illustrations of how he figured out his powers as a child was a beautiful touch because you can actually imagine a line of people putting their faith in him. His mother supported him in ways parents during those times didn’t know how to support their child, “To be different is a gift.”

One thing I learned about him is that he was a soap opera actor. So, the passion and drama has always been in blood since day one. It was on set in which they asked Mercado about astrology, and that’s where his legacy was born. His costumes were also encouraged. Walter y Las Estrellas launched the curiosity over the zodiac signs and along with his positivity – it was a win.

Mercado’s growth was beautiful to see. It also has me wondering how much his costumes and jewelry are worth now.

Growing up, I wondered what his sexuality was and then a scene during the documentary, the I don’t care pill one, took me back. It is something our parents could’ve taken because they truly cared too much about what people said. His sexuality was always a question, often ridiculed and he was ready to fire back. To not be defined by your sexuality, during the era in which he was on TV, it’s inspiring.

“There are so many societal laws that he broke, it goes beyond coming out.”

Something I noticed too, as I remember from watching him, is that he never had anything negative to say about anyone’s horoscope sign. This was also discussed in the documentary. All his messages were inspiring, filled with hope.

Merriam-Webster should consider replacing the definition of positive with a photo of Walter.

Despite having messages of hope, Mercado’s former manager Bill Bakula, basically bamboozled him. Things like this just make me take notes to make sure to get great legal representation, if ever needed in the future.

What I loved to see, is how the timeline was perfectly made because they showed how huge he was and then, in relation to millennial’s, he was still very much loved and admired. Memes are a part of our society and people certainly did not forget him.

As someone who grew up with Walter Mercado on my television, I’m so happy that they made this documentary before he passed. This is the tribute that Mercado deserved.

This writer highly recommends it so, add it to your list. It’s the positivity you’re looking for this week.

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