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Chris Algieri Talks About New Cookbook, The Fighter’s Kitchen, and Latest Project With Matchroom Boxing

Chris Algieri is not only a professional boxer. He’s also a nutrionist for a bunch of fighters and his book, The Fighter’s Kitchen, was published last year. We spoke to him about his book and other projects he’s involved in.

Often times, many people ask boxers what they eat, how they stay conditioned. Professional boxer Chris Algieri saw an opportunity there. His book, The Fighter’s Kitchen, launched last year. It’s been a hit and the feedback has been incredibly successful.

During this pandemic that we’re all experiencing, you often wonder how to stay positive. Algieri also shared tips on how he stays positive, how to have a reminder to workout daily, and how he’s been able to spend his time.

On a zoom call, Algieri also shared this latest project he’s been working on with Matchroom Boxing. The show titled The Rounds, has been taking off. Algieri hosts the show on Matchroom’s YouTube channel and he’s had notable names in boxing as they discuss everything from training, training on the road, and what it takes to be in boxing.

Check out our interview above and let us know your thoughts!

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