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Clippers’ Star Lou Williams Talks About How To Educate Those Who Believe All Lives Matter (Video)

In a cast provided by the app CoStar, Lou Williams sat down and spoke about how to help educate those that believe in the phrase “All Lives Matter” over Black Lives Matter.

If you’re paying attention and not living under a rock, you’ll notice that we’re in week 3 of protests, all 50 states participated in nationwide protests, and Juneteenth is being observed as a holiday. In addition, some companies are getting rid of their observances for “Columbus Day.” That alone is dope to hear.

Clippers star Lou Williams answered a few questions from how does he stay motivated to what does it take to make it to the professionals. It was great to see kids as young as 13 talk to Williams, as this might’ve been the closest they’ve gotten to a professional NBA player.

Then, as many of us have been advocating on social media – to have these conversations, no matter how uncomfortable they might be – the chat moved to Black Lives Matter. It was great to hear how Williams’ opened up and offered solutions.

My question to him was, how do educate those who believe “all lives matter?” It’s a topic that’s been so frustrating across the board for those of us that are passionate about Black Lives Matter. It’s even led to people unfriending those individuals. (Yes, I’m counting myself in there because peace over negative energy any day this week.)

Here’s what he had to say:

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