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Current and Former NFL Players Sound Off On Drew Brees’ Statements on NFL Protests

Today was not the day. Beloved New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees found himself in the hot seat following tone-deaf statements about NFL players protesting against police brutality. Brees doubled down on his stance against players kneeling during the national anthem. During an interview with Yahoo Finance on Wednesday, Brees said that he will “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag.” The statement came when the record-breaking quarterback was asked about NFL protests once the season starts.

Brees backed up his comments by suggesting that kneeling disrespects not only the military; but also those that made sacrifices in the fight for civil rights. That did not sit well with several current and former NFL players, including Brees’ own teammates. New Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins was very vocal as he took to Instagram to express his disapproval of someone he “considered a friend” and advised Brees to “shut the f*ck up” sometimes. Jenkins later deleted the post and replaced it with a longer, more emotional one. Jenkins wasn’t the only Saints player to voice his displeasure. Receiver Michael Thomas and defensive end Cam Jordan took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed voiced his opinion via an Instagram video.


Only time will tell how Brees’ latest comments will affect both the Saints locker room and the city of New Orleans as a whole. Brees and wife Brittany have embarked upon several philanthropic efforts in the city of New Orleans and have been long regarded as pillars of the community. While Brees made his stance known in 2017, at the height of NFL protests, the timing makes his comments even more inflammatory. The Saints have certainly had an eventful offseason with head coach Sean Payton contracting and recovering from the coronavirus and the signing of Jameis Winston. In addition to an offseason that prevented OTAs and mini camps, the Saints will have to contend with a possible blow to the chemistry between Brees and Thomas.

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