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Oscar De La Hoya Shares Thoughts On Felix Tito Trinidad Rematch

He is a household name. In case the title isn’t enough of a giveaway, we’re talking about boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya.

As he was spreading awareness for his partnership with the American Cancer Society and named ambassador for their “Real Men Wear Pink,” campaign, we took the time to speak to him about his involvement with the ACS, his Mexican heritage, and what exactly happened with the rematch that was suppose to occur with Felix Tito Trinidad.

The amount of transparency shared in this interview will be forever appreciated because, as many on social media say, “Stop asking athletes about their dead parents,” this one was different. In case you don’t know, De La Hoya’s mom passed away to breast cancer, a year before he was heading for the 1992 Olympics. He went on to win Gold but, his biggest supporter wasn’t able to be there physically with him.

If you’re Latino, or even half Black or White, you’ll sometimes feel that people think you’re not enough and you can’t rep both sides of your heritage. This also applies to those born in the states and not being enough for your family back home. That’s something that happened with De La Hoya. He spoke about his Mexican heritage.

Boxing fans were left in the dark when it came to the rematch of Trinidad and De La Hoya. How many times have you seen the footage on YouTube? De La Hoya gets candid in regards to what happened.

Enjoy the interview below.

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