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NFL Prospect Derrius Guice Says Team Asked Him About His Sexuality at Combine

It’s no secret that the NFL Scouting Combine is extremely intrusive. From the physical poking and prodding to teams trying to decipher your character through what can be a peculiar line of questions (i.e. the infamous Cam Newton tattoo questions asked by the Panthers).

During an interview with SiriusXM NFL radio, former LSU running back Derrius Guice shared what he thought was the most unusual question asked at the Combine. According to Guice, a team asked him if he “likes men” and if his mother was a prostitute.

“I’d go in one room and a team would ask me, ‘Do I like men?’ just to see my reaction. They’d try to bring up one of my family members or somebody and tell me, ‘Hey, man, I heard your mom sells herself. How do you feel about that?’ Just random stuff like that, man, to see how you respond.”

Although odd, Guice isn’t the first to be hit with questions about his sexuality and his mother’s line of work. Despite the fact that these questions are in violation of league policies, Eli Apple, Le’Veon Bell, and Nick Kasa remember fielding such questions. Dez Bryant was asked by the Miami Dolphins if his mother was a prostitute.

Of course we don’t, and won’t, know which team is continuing to toe the line with such questions, they may want to stop while they’re ahead.

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